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Types of testing


So there is a need to check the program after developing. Software testing is a process of testing, the quality of project & design of website or any other project made according to client recruitment or not.Stress Testing: stress testing is done to check that how & when failure will occur for this program, it is tested on giving continuous & complex input.Usability Testing: usability testing is user-friendly testing & used to check that how it easy to learn for client & provide help documents, if client get stuck. It is not done by developer or tester. This is white box type testing.

Types of testingUnit Testing: unit testing is done for individual unit or tested in internal program so it is done by programmer not by tester because this technique required deep knowledge of programming. This is black box type testingSystem Testing: system testing is a testing in which total system is tested & implemented according to need. If there is mistake then again give to developer to correct that program. This is also known as glass box testing. If we make project like this means, there will be mistake in client project & quality work also spoil because of some small error. This is black box type testing. It is all about functionality & output in response to input. Beta Testing: beta testing is done on final site (after developing & testing) by end users or checking by public release..Regression Testing: regression testing is for any modification in project to check that after modification, previous & newly added function are working or not. This is black box type testing. Then only they will accept. White box testing: white box testing is relating to internal mechanism & in this technique, we are checking code statement, path. This is black box type testing.There are two basic method of testing?Black box testing: black box testing is a technique in which we are avoiding to check the internal design of system.Functional Purification fixed windows

Testing: functional testing is avoid internal testing & related to output that is coming as per client requirement or not.Integration Testing: integration testing is a testing of combined functions. This is black box type testing.So software testing is also an important as like developer & every software company have separate testing team.Acceptance Testing: acceptance technique is done by client to check that delivered project is filling our requirement or not. Especially it is used for client server. This is black box type testing.Software projects are more complex & difficult these days because for getting success, quality & creative work is very necessary for any organization. Because of that error there are difference occur in response of client project requirement. This is black box type testing.When developer makes any software project, there may be some error in program. So check the error or can say output in response to input is called testing. It test that two apps are functioning together or not.Performance Testing: performance testing is to check the performance of project that it works in time in response to any search query or input. So, developers also have pressure to do creative & quality work & develop an innovative project. It includes, black box & white box both type of testing